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Business trips
Событейный туризм
Деловые поездки в регионы России и СНГ
Прием туристов в России
Организация инсентив поездок
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Business trips
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Business trips are one of the priority activity directions in our company. There's a professional team at your disposal.

They will provide:

  • Air and railway tickets, car transportation
  • Hotels in the city you need, of course choosing the solutions most effective financially and economically

They will organize:

  • Transfer to and from the airport using any transport
  • Visa support
  • VIP and fast-track service at the airport
  • Excursions, restaurants, tickets for all the shows and performances

They will offer:

  • Guides
  • Attendants
  • Interpreters

No doubt that all the vouchers, tickets, passports and other documents will be delivered to you by our couriers.

We will gladly activate our experts from the organizing events department if your trip has a purpose to unite your team, to make a training, a seminar or a presentation.

We will also solve your questions concerning reception your guests in Russia and your business trips within Russia. Our departments for booking hotels in Moscow, reception foreigners in Russia and traveling over Russia are at your service.

As addition to the standard service list there’s our presentative manager, who is available extra hours and talks several European languages. Our standard working hours are 8.00 a. m. — 11.00 p. m. on weekdays and 10.00 a. m. — 7.00 p. m. at the weekend and on holidays.


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