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To the partners
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To the partners
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Our partners are all the companies and private persons who help us to provide qualified service to our clients:

  • Hotels. We are always glad to extend the list of the hotels we offer. The hotels which we start working with can take account of their promotion on the market and maximum increase of the load. We are interested in the hotels of every category, it's enough that it's quality corresponds to the declared category. We expect a serious discount from the base price of the hotel, because for so many years we've habituated our clients to get maximum profit from the cooperation with us. If you own a hotel or have credentials to represent it we kindly ask you to contact the reservation department director of MSC Group Anna Auman.
  • Private persons with their own transport. If you own a comfortable auto-transport we kindly ask you to contact the reservation department. Sometimes we don't have enough number of own cars, and then we enlist the services of reliable freelancers.
  • The travel companies, whom we can offer the operator's support are also referred to the list of our partners. This cooperation is mutually beneficial. If you are a regional travel company and you need a support for dealing with clients in Moscow, St. Petersburg or in other cities of Russia and all over the world, please contact the agency department.
  • The companies or private persons who connect us with the ultimate client or provide us clients are also our partners. In this case, our partners get an agent's reward.
  • There is another category of our partners — foreign and regional travel agencies that help us to maximize the quality of our service, which we provide to our clients. If your agency is situated in one of Russian cities or in any European city or in the city of the world, please contact about the cooperation the agency department.

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