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To corporative clients
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To corporative clients
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Every our client is important for us, yet the corporative client need to be paid special attention on account of the necessary service. To provide this attention the corporative clients can consider on constantly attached manager, who will give you orders to the different departments of our company and will control its fulfillment. Owing to the right distribution of charges your manager always have time for you, as well as any specialist who works with your order.

We have enlarged the list of our services at the maximum but we are always ready to develop and provide more and more service requested by our clients.

Following your wish we work 24 hours a day. Our couriers will bring you all the necessary tickets, vouchers and other documents.

Each client of MSC Group has a possibility to contact straightly the general director of the company.

Call us and ask to attach a manager to you, choose any service from our list and let us exceed all your expectations.


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