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Active tours
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Active tours
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Hunting Trip
Years of successful collaboration with Russian hunting clubs and state nature preserves guarantees your satisfaction with our adventure trips in Russia.
Off the beaten truck
We offer various selections of active tours in Russia — hunting and walking, horse riding and kayaking. We know this country very well and the Central part of Russia even better.
Karelia is a region in the Russian Northwest. Its capital, the city of Petrozavodsk, is located 400 km away from St. Petersburg and 300 km away from the Russian-Finnish border.
Rafting along the Middle Katun (Altai)
Rafting along the Middle Katun — an eight-day rafting along the Katun River in Altai Mountains system from June to August. The tour along the Katun River is one of the oldest and most popular among Soviet and Russian tourists.
A Pearl Necklace of the Lakes (Altai)
A Pearl Necklace of the Lakes — an equestrian eight-day tour in Chemalskii and Choiskii regions, the Altai Republic (Russia). This tour is one of the most available and beautiful trips you can make. It's advantages are: accessibility, simplicity and abundance of luxuriant places, compactly gathered together.
The Karakoli — the Katun (Altai)
It’s impossible to understand what is better: to go at a slow pace on your horse amid cedar taiga or to rush down with a violent river; to perceive the quietness of the purest lakes or to burst into the roar of rapids; to be an able rider or a fearless rafter. If you want to get everything this tour is for you!


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