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The MSC group offers the most cost affective solutions for promoting your company’s events, making them recognisable and appealing to the Russian business community.

Over the last few years a booming Russian economy has generated new business and economically active companies. According to Rosstat, the Russian State Statistic Service, the number of economically active Russians reached 75.3 million last year.

There is no doubt that the new circumstances of the financial crunch have had an affect on the Russian economy, and more and more companies from Russia and other CIS countries are seeking commercial possibilities in international markets. The vast majority of these businesses believe that trade shows and exhibitions offer the most effective opportunities for networking and promotion.

Promotional tools:

   1. Your company’s information displayed on our internet portal VisitExpo.Ru which is dedicated to exhibitions around the world

   2. Company data base compilation

   3. Follow up and verification of mail delivery using professional call centre services

   4. Follow up and verification of mail delivery using MSC group’s professional sales team

   5. Exhibiting at Russian trade shows

   6. Road shows

   7. Press conferences

   8. Hosted buyers

1. Exhibition portal VisitExpo.R

 The exhibition portal VisitExpo.Ru is a leading source of information about trade shows and exhibitions around the world. Currently VisitExpo.R displays information about more than 12 000 international events and attracts 6 000 visitors per day.

Information is in both Russian and English. At the moment we are developing German, Spanish and Mandarin versions of the web site. The popularity and ease of use of VisitExpo makes it an effective way of distributing information about your event to companies looking for opportunities to operate within international markets.

Information about your event will be translated into Russian and displayed in Russian and English. The information entry text will be displayed in full including logos of the event, a description of the main event themes and an exhibition events schedule. In addition we can publish press-releases and lists of exhibitors.

2. Compilation of a company data base

We compile a list of companies specialising in the fields covered by your exhibition. The list of the companies will be tailored according to all your needs. After you have approved the selection, we will finalise and verify the data base.

3. Follow up and verification of mail delivery using professional call centre services

When making calls concerning your event, VisitExpo.R uses an in-house call centre manned by trained, experienced staff.

4. Follow up and verification of mail delivery using MSC group’s professional sales team

MSC Group’s telephone sales team calls to verify mail has been successfully delivered and to establish worthwhile telephone contact with your potential client base. You receive a report of the calls made and details of the point of contact. The report includes their decision regarding visiting or exhibiting at your event and if not, their reasons for doing do.

5. Exhibiting at Russian trade shows

Visitors to similarly themed exhibitions in are also potential visitors to your company’s events in the. MSC group can inform you about relevant events taking place throughout the region and arrange for your company to exhibit at these events or alternatively, MSC Group can send a team to exhibit on your behalf. We select and provide information about trade shows in free of charge. The cost of exhibiting in depends on floor space prices, whether the event takes place in and whether you require a sales team to travel to other parts of.

6. Road show organisation

We can organise press-conferences all over. Depending on the theme of your exhibition, we will select the most appropriate regions where the promotion of your exhibition will be the most effective. Our long established relationship with government structures and PR agencies allows us to invite politicians, state managers, companies and organisers of similarly themed exhibitions — all of whom are potential exhibitors and visitors to your event.

7. Press conference organisation

We can organise press conferences to raise your media profile, encourage media support and publicise your event. This includes guaranteeing that the required amount of articles to effectively publicise and convey information is published in appropriately selected media.

8. Hosted buyers

We can recommend and invite hosted buyers including representatives of government bodies to your events in the. Expenses incurred by hosted buyer provision will depend upon travel and accommodation arrangements.

Why us?

MSC group has operated successfully since 2002. We have grown from a small agency specializing in booking hotels to a group of companies

You may be wondering why you should choose the MSC group. Some companies make all kinds of claims about what services they can offer that their competitors don't. Well, the answer is an easy one — we don't make promises we can't keep. Instead, we offer several simple reasons why we might be the right company for you

  • With our head office in Moscow, subsidiary offices in St.Petersburg, Russia; Baku, Azerbaijan; representatives and reliable partners in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Kiev, Ukraine we are ideally placed to reach and work with businesses in the countries of the former Soviet Union and to meet their travel needs
  • Our newly opened office in can ensure that participants in and visitors to your event arrive in time. We can arrange accommodation, entrepreneurs, any pre and post tour arrangements. The follow up service ensures that our clients not only have a busy business schedule but enjoy their free-time afterwards and encourage them to revisit your events next year and the year afterWe have developed excellent relationships with many Russian and international event organizers, trade representatives, media and PR agencies. We have a proven track record of successful collaboration with state institutions and ministries
  • MSC group prides itself on its highly professional, experienced employees
  •  A wealth of practical, grass roots corporate experience in both and countries of the CIS. Many British companies who have targeted the Russian market with goods and services have struggled or have had to give up due to a failure to understand local formalities and Russian ways of doing business. We have been dealt with both, on an international and local scale for the last seven years. At MSC group we are unique in that we can combine our wide ranging knowledge and experience of Russian business practice with an ability to meet the high standards expected by businesses in the West

Why Russia?

This brief review of the economic situation in is based on the opinion of economists and financial experts, published in open sources.


The high prices of oil and gas have boosted the Russian economy after the depression of the Yeltsin era. According to a financial report published by Rosstat, the Russian state statistics service, issued in January 2008, the volume of investment in January 2007 was up 19%, to 354.9 billion roubles, in comparison with January 2007.

Disposable income from January 2007 to January 2008 rose 12.9% (nominally 28.5 percent) to 10,641 roubles. Real salaries rose 15.8%. These increases are fuelling the consumption boom that has seized. Retail turnover in January rose 14.1% to 911.6 billion roubles. Foodstuffs made up 45.1% of retail trade turnover in January 2008, down from 45.4% a year ago. The Deputy Minister of Economic development and Trade, Andrey Belousov reported that GDP growth in January was 7.4% The increase covered all segments in spite of the worsening world economic situation at the time.

Most importantly the number of economically active Russians reached 75.3 million last year. The growth in employment drove unemployment down to an unusually low level, and this increase in employment accounted for roughly a third of economic growth. had 9.4 million unemployed in 1999, 6.2 million in 2003, 5.6 million in 2005 and reached a record low of 4.6 million in 2007.

The World Financial crises

Russian economy has been hit by a series of crises since then. Billions of dollars of foreign capital exited the country in August following worries over the financial effects of 's invasion of. The collapse of Lehman Brothers and AIG together with other economic problems in the has had an impact on, translating into severe falls in share prices and capital outflows.

The Russian regulator has decided on several occasions to step in and closed two main stock exchanges, the MICEX, which targets individual investors and the dollar-denominated RTS, a derivatives exchange and over-the-counter market for small-cap stocks. With significant sharp falls or rises, the Russian government prefers to use crude but effective closure to calm markets and give traders time to reflect. Economists say this intervention has been effective and appropriate in the current situation.

A $130 billion financial package to shore up liquidity has been announced to stop a collapse in Russian stocks and restore confidence in the inter-bank market.

Peter Halloran, CEO of Pharos Financial Group based in, manages three Russian-focused hedge funds. He says the package was only the first step in providing liquidity for the system. “I would expect more measures to come in to provide liquidity as it is needed. The Central Bank and government know what they have to do and there will be more to come,” says Halloran.

Liam Halligan, chief economist at Prosperity Capital Management which manages around $5 billion in Russian equities and has six funds investing in the Russian economy, believes the fundamentals are extremely strong in.

Halligan points out that has large foreign exchange reserves and is the ninth largest economy in the world. The denting of investor confidence has been overstated, he believes. “Events in the are so tumultuous that every economy is affected. Of the major economies in the world, has a low proportion of its trade with the.” Halligan continues, “Russian and foreign investors believe the country will be one of the few major growth centres over the next few years.”

Hallingan goes on to say “The injection of money will improve the situation. It has put a floor under valuations for now and it has made people think about the fact that the market is so undervalued. We are seeing clients increasingly thinking of this as a buying opportunity given valuations are so low. There is also a lot of corporate money that is coming back into the market to take advantage of these low valuations.”

Rouble denomination

The rouble has declined steadily since August. Anton Struchenevsky, an economist at Troika Dialog investment bank, said the Central Bank was spending $600 million a day to buy roubles and support the currency's exchange rate, a total of $20 billion in less than two months.

Yegor Gaidar, an economist and former prime minister, praised the government's efforts to support the rouble. «This is a smart decision,» he said. «We absolutely do not need panic on the currency market.»

The Central Bank reassured markets it would continue to support the Russian currency. Some analysts say 's economy remains relatively healthy and the currency should show more resilience. “Even if the government decided to let the rouble float,” Struchenevsky said, “there would be no repeat of 1998. was in a much weaker economic position 10 years ago, and no one expects a replay.”

Some analysts think the Central Bank is trying to engineer a soft landing for the rouble, letting exchange rates fall to strengthen Russian industry by raising the costs of competitors' imported goods. The aim would be to let the rouble slide gradually to avoid causing panic.

Besides helping domestic manufacturers, this would allow the government to adopt more flexible economic policies and encourage companies to access international market with cheaper products and services.

To summarize, there are three main points which make us believe that this is the right time to do business with :

1st. The Russian economy is alive and kicking.

2nd.There is an emerging class of reputable Russian businesspeople, who have funds and are ready to invest.

3rd. At present the rouble is weak, but this is an incentive for Russian companies to join international markets.



Promotional tools

Why us?

Why Russia?


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